DJ & Entrepreneur | @brendanfallis


Why Him

Thanks to his impeccable taste, he’s become one of the world’s most in-demand open-format DJs—as well as a style icon and a partner in the talent management firm Pre.veyor.


Where does your drive come from?

It definitely comes from my dad’s side, and it’s less about im- pressing others and more about outdoing myself. I was selling lemonade and doing chores for income at a young age, and then I was very enterprising in elementary school, creating goods and selling them to my classmates.

What would you say to your 20-year-old self?

Just relax. It’s all going to work out. And get excited too: life has some great things in store for you.

What simple change to your routine has had a profound effect on those around you?

Meditation and breathing. It’s allowed me to find a calmer sense of being, which ripples through those around me.