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#SuperDad - A Program for New Fathers

Being a new father is incredible. But it ain’t easy. (We’ve done it five times between us).


It is a time when you need to be at your best. Super present. Super aware. Super kind. And of course, the odds are against you. No sleep. No routine. You get the picture.


Against the backdrop of a global pandemic and the fight for equality, raising a child today takes on many more responsibilities. So we created a program to help support all new Dads. Not just on Father’s Day, but every day, all year round. 


Introducing: SuperDad.


From today onwards, any new Dad will be eligible for 50% off their first order at Simply: 


1. Post a photo of you and your little one (up to 1yr old) on Instagram

2. Tag @asystem and #SuperDad

3. We’ll DM you a code for 50% off


It’s our hope that this program helps many new Dads be particularly Super when they need to the most.