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SuperDad: Will Catlett

SuperDad: Will Catlett

In honor of Father’s Day, we sat down with Will Catlett to talk all things fatherhood. But first, a little about Will — he was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, where he attended the legendary T.C. Williams High School from “Remember the Titans”. He is an actor, writer, director and photographer, with his most recent work being on the feature films Charm City Kings and Force of Nature, Black Lightning on the CW and Love Is___ on OWN. His daughter, Hamabi is 2 years old.⁠


Q: How has your life changed since being a father?

A: Well, since becoming a father, life has changed quite a bit and with speed.  I always believed that you have to give God a reason to increase you. So as my wife was increasing in size with Hamabi growing in her belly, we started tossing around the idea of buying a home. Fast forward to now, we just purchased our first home and the only reason we started looking was because our daughter Hamabi needed more space to run around. There’s that word increase again hiding in plain sight.


Q: What wisdom, values, and advice will you pass on to your daughter?

A: My only job is to help her locate her gift. Your gift is what makes room for you, not your wisdom, values, or advise. Those three things will help her not to squander her gift. When something is of value to you, then you will not mismanage it.  So many people either mismanage their gift, never locate their gift or are sitting on their gift. Therefore their gift is not being shared with the world and we all suffer because of it. Your gift is meant to benefit others. 


Q: How do you take care of yourself, so you can be the best for your daughter?

A: Well, I’ve linked up with you good folks at ASYSTEM, so I’m in pretty good shape. Haha. You can’t take care of anyone or anything if you’re unwilling to honor yourself.  That is a rule of thumb that should never be lost.  When my daughter sees the love that I have for myself, she’ll rinse and repeat.


Q: Do you have any daily self-care ritual? If so what are they?

A: I pray in the morning, followed by a workout, then pop my ASYSTEM to get my boost. Which means I’m already ahead of 99 % of the world. I’m firing on all cylinders baby!