Photographer | @toddglaser


Why Him

A staff photographer at SURFER magazine for over a decade, he’s had his work in a raft of magazines and newspapers, as well as the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.


What daily habits keep you going?

I do something active every day. Surf, swim, cycle, train—I have a lot of energy and need to get it out! My wife and I both love to cook, so trying to eat a balanced diet is important not only physically, but mentally too. A big dinner keeps me up half the night, so smaller meals throughout the day help me digest and relax before bed.


What simple change to your routine has had a profound effect on those around you?

Travelling less—I’ve slowed it way down and have made more time to spend with my wife, family and friends. For years, I spent close to 200 days a year on the road, and being at home felt like a vacation. I used to say yes to every job, every shoot, every opportunity, every trip. I would sometimes get to the airport and forget where we were going. Now, I put a lot more consideration into the pros and cons of each trip. I place a lot more value on the impact they have not only for my career, but personally, too.


The best memories often result from going off the grid or off schedule. Describe one.

There is no better feeling than waking up before the sun, driving to the beach in the dark and paddling out when you can barely see. Your senses are at an all-time high, yet your mind is relaxed. Every ripple, every splash moves around you, surrounds you and pushes you further out as the light grows and the energy of the new day goes through you. It’s my way of recharging.