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Mom Burnout & Coping With Parenting Stress

Mom burnout can feel overwhelming, so we want to start by letting you know that you’re not alone. 

When parenting stress strikes, it can be helpful to have some tools in your arsenal that can help you feel like yourself again in no time. Read on as we delve into parenting stress and what you can do to get back on your feet. 


What Is Parental Burnout?

Burnout in parents is more common in cases of children who have developmental or behavioral challenges. However, any parent can be affected regardless of their child’s needs. 

As parents, it is our responsibility to take care of our children and all of their needs — while also caring for ourselves. Moms who bear most of the child-rearing responsibilities may be especially susceptible to parent burnout. 


Moms as Superheroes 

There is an old stereotype in our history where mothers seem to be able to do it all. They took care of everything in the home while also ensuring the kids went to school, did homework, and everything else they required.

Even today, many mothers have too much on their plates. The physical and emotional stress over time can lead a mom to feel inadequate in raising her family. It seems like the world continues to move at faster speeds each day and there are more tasks to keep up with, appointments to get to, and sporting events to attend. 

Maybe decades ago it worked for those women, but we propose that moms today are still superheroes without having to be the ones who physically are doing it all. New groundwork is being laid right now by all the mothers out there in the world. 


What Is the Impact of Parent Burnout on Children? 

If parents are burnt out, we bet the children have noticed. 

It is hard to keep your feelings to yourself entirely, and even if you do, it may be visible that you are stressed, In some way, shape, or form, the children are likely noticing your movements, the way you speak, and overall the way you act when you are with them. 

Let’s be the first to say right now, that is ok. We are pointing this out only to bring awareness to it, not to throw any guilt or shame into the experience. 

It has been found that when parents are stressed at work, their kids are feeling a similar level of stress at school. Kids are sponges who pick up on everything and see their parents as role models. We aren’t surprised that they too will feel similar energy in what they are experiencing. 

Even more, our current generation of kids is considered the most stressed-out generation. A huge piece is because they have not been taught ways to cope with the stress that comes into their lives. They do not have the tools to process their emotions. 

We bet if this is the case, their parents may not have the tools to help themselves either.


How Can I Destress as a Parent?

As a parent and mother reading this, we know that your babies are the most important thing in the world. Let us support you in relieving stress, so that you can, in turn, model to your kids what it is like to process their emotions. 

We bet at times it feels like you are doing this alone, but we want to reassure you that we are all in this together. 


Let Go of Expectations 

A common theme with mothers is what you thought parenthood was going to look like. The things you were going to experience with your child, how you would have the ultimate patience with them, and maybe even how you hoped to do things differently from how you grew up. 

When we go into any situation with too many expectations, they usually do not get met the way we think they ought to. This can lead to disappointment and overthinking. 

As you let go of expectations and the pressure of having to have your home look a certain way or your kids to go down a certain path, a weight lifts from your shoulders and you allow more peace into your life. 


Lean Into Fear 

Do you worry about your child’s future and if they will be prepared? Are you aware that you have been unable to process your own emotions and wonder how that is affecting your child? Are there financial struggles that limit what you think you can provide? 

Figure out what your core fears are and face them head-on. Sometimes as humans, we want to push fear away, suppress it, and act like it is not there. 

This actually gives the fear more strength. Look at it straight in the eyes, and recognize that it probably is something unrealistic.

The more you are able to figure out and process what keeps you stagnant, you can, in turn, support your child moving through their own fears.   


Focus on Your Strengths

When we are stressed, it can be easy to focus on what is going wrong. 

As we do this, we end up finding more and more of the same thing. Start by focusing on what skills and abilities you are amazing at. What makes you an incredible mother and individual? What lessons have helped you grow into the person you are today? 

Continue to highlight what is going right in your life, so that you can allow more of that to flow in. 


Ask for Help

It is actually a strength to ask for help, not a weakness. As humans, we all learn through experiences. When your children receive interactions from multiple people, they will learn from different perspectives. This actually helps them to become more well-rounded as an individual. 

If you need support from someone watching your kids, cooking a meal, or even someone to talk to, make it happen. People love to help and give what they can. It allows people who love you the opportunity to give — and for you to receive support with open arms. 


Practice Self Care

It may feel tough to find any time just for yourself, but these moments are crucial. Whether you take a minute or two just to breathe during the day, enjoy your evenings to yourself, or wake up extra early for an hour of alone time, find meaningful ways to spend time appreciating yourself. 

As a mom, once you establish a foundational self-care rhythm, in turn, you can help your children find ways to process their emotions. Meditation, acupuncture, a warm bath, or a walk in the park are just a few ways you can incorporate more time for yourself. 


Stress Relief Supplements

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When you do not have the energy to give, say no

Yes, you can even say no to your kids when it is appropriate. If you are already drained and keep saying yes, it is going to be that much more challenging to feel vibrant and energized again. 

Being a parent can be a busy lifestyle, but there are ways to avoid overextending yourself. 


Remember Who You Are

It is common to make your title as a parent your main trait and forget that you were an individual before your baby came along. 

Your life does look different now, but you can still be your own person outside of having a family. Oftentimes, having adult outings without children can help to bring that side back. 



As a parent, if you can adopt the knowledge that you are doing the absolute best in each moment, with the tools that you have access to, it will go a long way. You got this, and we are cheering you on every step of the way. 


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