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How To Make Your Own DIY Stress Ball To Help You Cope

Stress is an all too common feeling these days, with many of us being overwhelmed by a hectic daily schedule and not having enough time to decompress between all the hustle and bustle. 

We must acknowledge that there’s a deeper layer to the stress in our lives. What is the root of our stress? 

We are unable to change anything if we are not first aware of the problem. Once we recognize our stress, we can develop new ways of taking care of ourselves. We have legitimate needs that need to be met, and self-care is crucial.

Self-soothing through the five senses is a powerful tool. As children, we learn through sensory play — being able to touch, hear, see, taste, or smell the things around us. In adulthood, these senses can become taken for granted — but we can still use them to our advantage when times get tough.

Squeezing a stress ball, for example, is a way to harness your sense of touch in order to release energy from your body and ultimately feel more relaxed.

Making a stress ball allows you to use your sense of touch to combat your stress. It allows the opportunity to take a break from the busyness of life and do something creative for yourself. Stress balls can be a great tool that you can bring with you anywhere — let’s get into it. 


How Can I Make a DIY Stress Ball?


Believe it or not, you can make a DIY stress ball with materials you may already have around your home. 

What items will you need to make a stress ball? A small round balloon is needed for the ball itself, cornstarch, rice, or flour is necessary for the inside, and a funnel can help make the process easier — but it isn’t necessarily required.

You may also want scissors and some sort of permanent marker if you would like to decorate your stress ball. 

Let’s go through the steps.


Prep Your Balloon 


Blow up your balloon and keep it inflated so you can insert the filling. Hold the end closed until you are ready for the next step to keep the air from leaking out.


Insert the Funnel 


Insert your funnel into the balloon and hold the balloon closed around the funnel to keep the air inside. If you do not have a funnel, this next step may simply be a bit messier and more challenging to complete. 

The balloon may deflate a bit during this process — that is normal. 


Fill the Balloon


You can fill your balloon with various substances for a pleasant sensory experience, but cornstarch, rice, and flour are the most common options. Decide which material you want to use, and get it ready.

If you have a helper, that’s great! But if not, you may want to prepare your substance ahead of time in a cup so that it’s easy to access when you need it. You will be holding the balloon in one hand and using the other hand to gather the material and pour it into the balloon. 

Add a small amount at a time so that the filling can easily make it into the balloon while also letting the air out. The balloon may pop if any air is left inside with the filling. 

Tip - You may need a pencil or finger to help move the substance around inside the funnel if it gets stuck going in. 


Remove the Funnel


Once all the material is inside, take out the funnel and squeeze out any excess air. You can pull on the opening of the balloon to help release any extra air. 


Tie It Off


When your filling is inside the balloon and you have removed the funnel, you can go ahead and carefully tie off your new stress ball.

Try to tie your knot as close to the filling as you can in order to eliminate any possible air bubbles and ensure that the balloon’s material is snug around the cornstarch, rice, or flour. This will give you the best sensory experience when squeezing the ball.

Once tied, you may want to take scissors to cut off the end if there is extra material, but be sure to not cut the knot or put a hole in the balloon. 




A fun option is to take a permanent marker and decorate your stress ball. This creative process can even help you further release any frustrations or emotions. If children are making stress balls with you, they can add stickers or glitter to their balloons. 

Now you have your DIY stress ball! It is simple to make, and you may already have the majority of the necessary supplies around your home. 

If you are worried about the potential future mess, you can blow up a second balloon and cut off the end to stretch it over the first balloon as a protective layer. Although this is not necessary, it may give some people more peace of mind on the security of the stress ball. 

If you have less time on your hands, an easy or temporary option is to buy playdough and use that for your sensory experience instead of using a balloon. 

However, dust and other debris may eventually stick to your playdough, so it may not be as enjoyable to use it as a stress ball. 


Can I Make Stress Balls With My Kids?


If this is a creative project that you are doing with a child, chances are they may be going through a stressful time in their lives as well. 

At some point during the process, whether it be before making the stress ball, during or after, aim to help explain that we all experience stress in some form. 

The fact that you are taking action to help manage the stress is a powerful tool to communicate to them. Speaking to your child about what stress feels like and what may bring it on is a great way to show them that it is not something to fear. 

We all have had those moments where our heart is pounding, we may get a bit sweaty or nervous, or our face gets red. Children are not exempt from these experiences, and talking with them about it may help them feel more empowered.


How Can De-Stress Gummies Help Me?


ASYSTEM’s De-Stress Gummies can help support your nervous system during times of overwhelm. 

These gummies may assist in stress relief and focus, which can ultimately help uplift your mood. To receive the best results, we recommend taking one gummy every day.

Our De-Stress Gummies include Persian saffron to support emotional wellbeing and sleep quality, Panax Ginseng to support memory and focus, and Lion’s Mane Extract to enhance cognitive function, combat swelling, and support overall wellbeing. 

Rhodiola Extract also works to help combat mental fatigue and support feelings of comfort while Lemon Balm Extract supports your cognitive abilities, mood, and sleep. 

ASYSTEM’s supplements include clinically-proven ingredients to help you decompress and take on the day ahead.


In Conclusion


Everyone goes through stressful times in life, but what you do to manage that stress is what truly matters. What are you doing to best support yourself throughout the process? 

Making a DIY stress ball can help alleviate some of the feelings of pressure, bring out your creative side, and take your mind off of your stressors.

Whenever you feel stress creeping in, you can find your stress ball and remember that it’s more than okay to take a pause and just breathe. 

When stress strikes, ASYSTEM can help. Our supplements can help support the physical body on a systematic level and aid your body’s response to stress. Stress can be tough, but our De-Stress Gummies may help you push through it.


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