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Sex Drive After Menopause: What To Do Next

Menopause can surely take a toll on your body, and some of the symptoms can be unpleasant, to say the least. 

If you’re worried about how menopause might impact your sex drive, we are here with some crucial information to clear up this subject. Read on as we explore sex drive after menopause, and how you can support your libido.


What Is Perimenopause?

Perimenopause is the name for the time that leads up to menopause, where the body starts to prepare for what is to come. During this phase, the hormone levels in the body begin to change and the ovaries begin to make less estrogen as you begin to have your final menstrual cycle. 

Interestingly, some women report having an increase in sex drive during this time. This is likely due to an increase in testosterone levels that takes place. 

Although every women’s experience will be unique to her, we want to reassure you that just because you are entering into the wisest years of your life, does not mean that all pleasure and sex drive have to be gone. 


What Decreases Libido?

Libido can be influenced by various factors, many of which naturally accompany menopause. Here, we have outlined some of the most common reasons for a loss of libido and a decrease in estrogen levels during menopause. 


Hormonal Changes

In a woman’s later years, estrogen and testosterone naturally decline. These hormones are directly connected to your libido and can greatly affect your ability to get in the mood for sex. 



Stress and anxiety affect hormone levels, and can sometimes lead to you feeling unaroused by the idea of intimacy. While stress may be at an all-time high during menopause, stress can strike at any time, at any age. 

Stress can sometimes be all-consuming, and we may forget about our basic needs that need to be fulfilled. 


Hot Flashes

As a menopause symptom, hot flashes can be very uncomfortable, and can contribute to low libido as a result. 

Your body is going through changes, and a hot flash, as the name suggests, is hot and uncomfortable. Hot flashes at night can cause night sweats, meaning you might begin having a hard time getting adequate sleep or waking up feeling refreshed. 


Vaginal Dryness

As an older woman, vaginal dryness can become a common occurrence that can deter one’s sexual desire or interest in intercourse. 

Luckily, there are vaginal lubricants on the market that may help you overcome this obstacle.


Medication Side Effects

Some prescriptions are known to have side effects to lower sex drive and arousal. If you feel like this is happening to you, consult your doctor to see what your options are. 


Chronic Health Conditions 

Depression, alcohol, breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes, smoking, and other medical conditions can also have repercussions in someone’s sex life. Health conditions can come with a variety of symptoms, and if you have a medical condition while also going through menopause, it may be doubly difficult for you to feel aroused. 

If you suspect you may have a health condition, consult your doctor for next steps. 


What Menopause Myths Should I Be Aware Of?

Menopause is not a one size fits all experience. You may be surprised to read below what the two common myths are around older women and sexual desire. 


No Sexual Desire After Menopause

It may be surprising and reassuring to know that not all women will experience a drop in sexual desire during menopause.

Menopause is an experience that affects both the physical and psychological aspects of libido. 

If you find that you go through moments where your sexual desire is lower than usual, there are ways to support you through that. Sometimes the emotional side of aging plays a major role in a woman's sexuality. 

That said, menopause affects everyone a little bit differently. Just because someone you know experienced low libido doesn’t mean you will. Likewise, if someone you know didn’t experience low libido, this does not mean you won’t either. 


No Sexual Pleasure After Menopause

Vaginal atrophy is when the vaginal walls are thinning and drying and some inflammation can occur to the body producing less estrogen. This can cause discomfort during intercourse. 

If you are experiencing any of these menopause symptoms, there are ways you can work to relieve these symptoms and enjoy a pleasurable sex life again. 

Estrogen creams, for one example, can be applied to the genital area to help rebuild the vaginal tissue. In regards to vaginal dryness, there are a number of options you can use such as hormone replacement therapy, HRT, vaginal moisturizers, and lubricants to help support your menopause symptoms. 

If you are dealing with vaginal dryness, consider talking to your doctor to see what treatment options might be right for you. 


What Are Tips for Fulfilling Intimacy After Menopause?

If you are hoping to enjoy a healthy sex life long after menopause has come and gone, don’t worry — it is possible.


Communication With Your Partner

If you are experiencing any physical or psychological effects from menopause, be open with your partner about what is taking place. 

Being on the same page with your significant other can open the doors for a deeper connection around what these next few years will look like. That way, they can support you through it. 


Use Lubricants

First, let us say that not all lubricants are created equal and it is really about finding what is best for you. Oil-based lubricants can sometimes be too thick, and some may even cause condoms to break. 

Some lubricants are also made with harsh ingredients which can change the flora in the vagina and cause bacteria to enter, leading to yeast infections. Always read the label to make sure you feel comfortable with the ingredients in a given product.


Positive Spirits

As we have mentioned before, there are psychological effects when it comes to menopause. That means the mind has a lot of power in your experience. The more you are able to find strength in your changing body, the more you can feel supported throughout the entire experience, by yourself and others. 


Pelvic Floor Exercises

For any woman who has had children, you all know how important the pelvic floor muscles are. Regardless of age, you can perform exercises to strengthen this area that can enhance sexual desire. 


Connection in Other Ways

It is important to remember that there are also other ways to stay connected with your partner. Finding other ways to express intimacy in your relationship takes off some pressure that intercourse has to be the only way. 

This allows your body and mind an opportunity to relax more into the overall experience and see what is going to be best to support you at this time. 


Libido Gummies

You may feel like you need extra support and want to do it in a more natural, healthy way. At ASYSTEM, we developed our Female Libido Gummies alongside maude, a sexual wellness company whose goal is to make intimacy better for everyone. 

It is recommended to take one gummy to stimulate arousal, and a gummy can be taken daily for maximum results. 

We also offer Male Libido Gummies if you have a partner who is interested in some extra support, too. 

Our Female Libido Gummies feature the following key ingredients:


This ingredient has been clinically proven to increase nitric oxide by 230%, meaning it’s vital to our sexual arousal and relaxes the genitals. 

Fenugreek Extract

You may be familiar with cooking with this spice in the kitchen. It is a medicinal adaptogenic herb that supports women through sexual problems and can have a major effect on increasing libido. It helps to reduce vaginal dryness among other issues. 

This herb contains saponins, which seem to be connected to producing important sex hormones like estrogen and androgen. 

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract

This extract is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. Studies have shown that it entices physical arousal and when used with a combination of these other ingredients, you get even better results. One is an improved blood flow to the genitals that helps a woman become more aroused and reach orgasm. 

maude x ASYSTEM Libido Complex

This proprietary blend was created to also increase blood flow and testosterone. Small amounts of L-arginine, L-theanine, L-citrulline, and caffeine allow women to follow the spark when sexually aroused. 

Boron Citrate

You may have heard of this before as Boron Citrate is actually found in mineral deposits naturally on the Earth. It happens to work wonders in helping the body produce testosterone and estradiol, which is a type of estrogen. These two hormones may help support an increase in libido. 

Ocean Mineral Blend

This blend encompasses all 102 minerals that the human body truly needs. What is included? Things such as Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, and Burdock Root Extract. Sea moss can help us in relieving stress, which can be one of the reasons for a decreased libido. 

Bladderwrack also comes from the sea and has nutrients that support our inflammatory response. Burdock root may work as an anti-inflammatory as well and may help support sexual desire. 



At ASYSTEM, we are here to support you in this new phase of your life. 

We have included powerful information to hopefully empower you, while also highlighting what ingredients are key when choosing a libido supplement. Menopause can entail many changes to your body and mind, but your libido doesn’t have to suffer. 


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