The Betterment Project

Baron Davis

Entrepreneur, Investor & NBA All-Star | @iambarondavis


Why Him

He showcased swagger and speed over the course of his NBA career—and savvy in his second act as a businessman (he was an early investor in Vitaminwater). He has founded several companies under the Baron Davis Enterprises banner in the film, music production and publication industries.


Where does your drive come from?

My drive comes from survival. Growing up in South Central LA, you only knew how to survive. It takes instinct, calculated decision making and always pulling the good out of the bad.

What daily habits keep you going?

Waking up early. Spending time with my kids. Spending two hours before bed to check my blueprint and goal sheet.


What simple change to your routine has had a profound effect on those around you?

Arriving 15 minutes earlier for meetings.

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