The Betterment Project

Commit To Love

Meet Japher and Jensen. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we asked them a few questions about love and their relationships — with themselves and each other.


ASYSTEM: Tell us a bit about yourselves.


Jensen: I’m an LA native living in New York. I’m a professional model who loves to journal. 
Japher: I’m a Peruvian-Lebanese artist and entrepreneur, from Bensonhurst Brooklyn. I have a healthy interest science and healthcare. Boxing is a great passion of mine and source of stress relief — it’s brought great discipline to my life.

Japher trains for boxing.  

ASYSTEM: What things do you do to keep your relationships healthy and strong?


Jensen: I like to make sure the ones I love are happy. I can tell when they’re upset about something, it’s important to call loved ones out on what’s upsetting them, help them work through it and how to approach their issues in the future. I think it should be a priority to make loved ones know that they are loved and their ambitions and goals are valid.

Japher: Being emotionally available and a source of support is essential.


ASYSTEM: What are your most important daily habits and why?


Jensen: My skincare routine, spending time outside in fresh air, connecting with friends and family. I love self care and I believe part of that includes touching base with those you love. For me, I make it a priority, as my family lives back home in Los Angeles. 

Japher: Boxing, because it makes me physically and emotionally fit. 


ASYSTEM: What's the best relationship advice you’ve been given?


Jensen: My roommate, Desmond, told me: “everything will work itself out if you let it.” 
Japher: Be true to yourself and the person you are with even if it hurts.

 Japher applies the ASYSTEM Radical Relief Gel Roll On to Jensen's back.


ASYSTEM: The best memories often result from going off the grid or off schedule. Describe one.


Jensen: My boyfriend treated me to a trip to Costa Rica and we went with some friends. I had never left the country before that. I am glad it was the first country I traveled to. Beautiful people, amazing food and breathtaking scenery. 
Japher: A last minute road trip to California with a really old friend of mine. I’d never done a road trip before, never been to Los Angeles before or anywhere in California. We drove cross country. I got to see America. Leaving the metropolis and driving through the Mojave Desert is something beautiful.


ASYSTEM: How do you unwind?


Jensen: I’ll take a hot shower, put on a mask and my roommate will do a hair treatment for me. He loves to style hair. 
Japher: I tune out, tune out of the world. Close my eyes, and meditate. Deep breathing exercises. A lot of reflection. I unplug and let go.


ASYSTEM: What is your most valuable health hack?

Jensen: Run in the morning, do your actual workout BEFORE bed (1 hr after dinner.) 
Japher: Vitamins.

ASYSTEM: Current book you’re reading?

Jensen: What Every Body is Saying by Joe Navarro
Japher: Breath by James Nestor


ASYSTEM: Favorite TV series during lockdown?

Jensen: Bridgerton
Japher: Snowfall, FX

Jensen lounges on a white couch. 

ASYSTEM: Favorite shop? 

Jensen: Beam BK
Japher: Scotch and Soda, Nolita NYC


ASYSTEM: Song on repeat? 

Jensen: Blinding Lights by the Weeknd
Japher: A Felicidade


ASYSTEM: Favorite app?

Jensen: Tik Tok (I know that sounds cheesy and basic but you learn so much on that app...I knew nothing about cooking but with the knowledge I’ve gained I could open a Michelin star restaurant) 
Japher: Grubhub (the times we live in)


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