The Betterment Project

Nadya Okamoto

Background: I'm currently based in NYC and I'm the co-founder and CEO of August, a lifestyle brand working to reimagine periods. 
Where does your drive come from? 
Sometimes I get discouraged because chipping away at the period stigma is a long and slow process. The one thing that always affirms me and helps me know my work is valuable is seeing firsthand the impact that August has made. I receive thousands of comments from young menstruators on my social media telling us how we’ve changed their perspective on periods, or the way they approach their period care. It’s amazing to see our impact on our community, and that is what drives me every day to continue my work. 
What daily habits keep you going? 
I love cleaning the house for a bit before my work calls, it just helps me physically feel like my workspace is ready too. Another habit of mine is staying active throughout the day so I’m not working at my chair all day, whether that’s going to Solidcore classes or taking a yoga break! 
What simple change to your routine has had a profound effect on those around you? 
Getting 8+ hours of sleep every night! This has been my greatest accomplishment in terms of habits. 
The best memories often result from going off the grid or off schedule. Describe one. 

When I was in rehab - I was largely off grid, I didn't post on social media, wasn’t really on emails, and my laptop time was really restricted. I think that was actually the first time I went off grid in my whole life, and to be honest, I haven’t been off grid since getting out of rehab in August 2020. 

But my experience being completely off grid was rejuvenating, and I definitely needed that. I think that time for reflection, space, and learning was vital for me, especially at that point in my life, and exactly what I needed to be able to come back to work and start August too. 

What 3-5 products are essential to your daily system?

Pain relief roll on is always on my desk! It’s super necessary for my neck and wrist pain.

I always have some sort of melatonin product on hand too! It helps me sleep and stay asleep usually. 

I’m also big on toothpaste and oral care — lately I’ve been using the Coco Ginger Boka toothpaste, which uses Nano hydroxyapatite instead of Flouride, which is much healthier for your teeth!

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