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How Long Do Sprains Last

While sprains are generally not serious, they can still take at least a couple of weeks to heal and get back to normal, so whether you’ve got a big hike coming or you’re just in the rhythm of a really good training routine, sprains can set you back. Not to mention, they can really hurt.


Thankfully, no matter how intense your sprain is, there are tons of ways you can help treat it and make your recovery seamless, ranging from the classic RICE method to all-natural anti-inflammatory supplements that can help take the edge off.


This article will detail everything you need to know about sprain recovery and prevention, so you can get back to performing your best as soon as possible.

What is a Sprain?


A sprain is when the ligaments in a joint stretch, tear, or overextend, often when under stress. 


Fibrous tissue makes up the space and helps bridge the gap between two bones that constitute a joint, and ligaments are the tough bands within this fibrous tissue. A sprain is not to be confused with a strain, which is an injury affecting the muscles and/or tissue that connect a muscle to a bone. 


The most common location for a sprain, as demonstrated above, is the ankle. Sprains can also occur in the knee, wrist, thumb, foot, leg, and back. 


For example, if our character from the introduction were to have fallen to the ground after jumping in the air, instead of landing awkwardly on their ankle and having stretched out their hand to break the fall, they could have sprained their wrist. 


Common symptoms of a sprain include pain, tenderness, weakness, bruising, swelling, muscle spasms/cramping, limited range of motion in the affected area, and hearing/feeling a pop at the time of injury. 


If you cannot move or bear weight on the injured area, have pain in the surrounding bones, or are experiencing numbness in the affected region, you should see a doctor, as this sprain may be severe. You may have broken a bone if you hear a crack at the time of your injury, or if the injured region is misshapen, discolored, numb, or cold to the touch. A broken bone will also require immediate medical attention. 

How Long Does a Sprain Last?


Recovery from a sprain depends on the severity of the injury. Most sprains can be treated and rehabilitated at home, but the most severe ones may need surgery to correct the damage caused. This breakdown should help you estimate how long your sprain might last:


Level One Sprain: 1-3 Weeks


A level one sprain can be defined as one involving minimal stretching and no tearing of the ligaments. 


  • Pain: mild
  • Potential symptoms: swelling, tenderness
  • Bruising: usually not
  • Joint instability: no
  • Loss of range of motion/function: no
  • Able to bear weight on injured area: yes

A sprain of this nature should recover quickly, in about one to three weeks. 

Level Two Sprain: 3-6 Weeks


A level two sprain is slightly more serious than a level one sprain, and most likely involves a partial tear of the ligaments.


  • Pain: moderate
  • Potential symptoms: swelling, tenderness
  • Bruising: possibly
  • Joint instability: mild to moderate
  • Loss of range of motion/function: some
  • Able to bear weight on injured area: yes, but this action involves pain

A partial tear can take as little as three weeks to heal, but for some it can take six or more weeks to get back to normal. 

Level Three Sprain: Several Months


A level three sprain is the most serious kind of sprain, almost always involving a rupture or full tear of the ligaments. 


  • Pain: severe
  • Potential symptoms: swelling, tenderness
  • Bruising: yes
  • Joint instability: yes
  • Loss of range of motion/function: yes
  • Able to bear weight on injured area: not at all

Full tears and/or ruptures of ligaments will take several months to heal, will most likely require some assistance by a medical professional, and may even require surgery if the damage is bad enough. 

How Do You Treat a Sprain?


The best way to treat a sprain is with RICE: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. 


In more detail, you should rest your whole body, but especially the affected area, and avoid putting any weight on it. Ice your injury a couple times a day in 20-minute increments, and avoid heat and/or massages which may increase swelling. 


For compression, wrap the affected region in a bandage. Elevation limits swelling and prevents fluid from accumulating in the injured area. 


Doctors may recommend painkillers to soothe any irritation and pain you may be experiencing. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as Advil, may help ease pain, but also come with adverse side effects like increased risk of bleeding. 


ASYSTEM Anti-Inflammatory Pills offer a natural solution to easing inflammation and relieving pain. The first product to combine clinically-backed Turmacin (an antioxidant-rich compound derived from turmeric) and full-spectrum hemp powder extract CBD, these pills are a 100% natural and long-lasting solution to persistent pain.


ASYSTEM Anti-Inflammatory Pills are proven to reduce inflammation and pain, help to prevent injury, and improve performance and joint mobility. Best of all, ASYSTEM products heal without the harm. 


ASYSTEM Radical Relief Gel Roll-on has the same benefits and ingredients as the natural anti-inflammatory pills, offering temporary relief and limited swelling for a targeted area. 

How to Prevent Sprains


In our story, the protagonist made some errors that may have led to their eventual ankle sprain. 


First, they grabbed shoes that do not fit them properly -- moral of the story? Using poor equipment increases the risk of injury. 


Second, they rushed their warm-up before doing high-intensity exercise. A proper warm-up greatly reduces the risk of injury, and energized muscles provide better support to the joints. Finally, uneven or slippery surfaces, and overall poor environmental conditions, increase the risk of injury, so you should show extra caution on such surfaces. 


The best way to prevent sprains is by building strong and healthy muscles, and working, stretching, and strengthening them regularly. You should not use your sport to keep you in shape, but rather the opposite. Strengthen your muscles separately so that they are best prepared for strenuous exercise and support you in whatever physical activity you love to do. 


ASYSTEM Superhuman Supplements for men are also a natural and effective way to build the sharpest, healthiest, most energized version of you. Featuring the prohormone DHEA, which can improve energy, immune function, and muscle strength, this convenient pack of daily pills offers you the opportunity to unlock your potential and perform at your best. 

In Conclusion


The time it takes for a sprain to heal is completely reliant on the severity of the damage and the preparedness of the body to rebuild itself after sustaining an injury. A mild sprain can take around two weeks to heal, while a severe sprain requires months of care and rehabilitation. 


Sprains are best treated with rest, ice, compression, and elevation. To alleviate pain, try natural pain relievers like ASYSTEM’s Radical Relief Anti-Inflammatory Pills. Finally, with proper strengthening and conditioning, the affected region can be back to its healthy best in no time! 


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