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How Much Omega 3 Per Day Should I Take?

You’ve probably heard by now the hype around omega-3 fatty acids. These are important compounds that help the body’s cell membranes function at peak levels.


The heart, lungs, hormones, and immune system all benefit from omega-3s, and so do external features like hair, skin, and nails.


Many studies show that cognitive abilities also improve with omega-3 supplementation. Who doesn’t want better focus and mental clarity?

Now that omega-3s can be found so easily and readily, there’s no reason to not make them part of your daily regimen.


Things get a bit murky, however, when determining the amount of omega-3s we need each day. You want to take the proper amount for your goals and body type while making sure you get these fatty acids from the best possible source. Additionally, you want to be mindful of not exceeding the amount needed for a healthy balance as taking too much can lead to adverse effects and cause serious health issues. That's why products like ASYSTEM’s Superhuman Supplements are so beneficial, providing the proper dose of omega-3s in one supplement to ensure you get the necessary amount without going overboard.


Let’s talk about how to properly dose omega-3s and ensure you take full advantage of these amazing compounds.

Not Getting Enough?


If you have only just heard of omega-3s and you aren’t sure if you’re up to par on daily intake, it’s worth looking at your current state of health to determine if you need more.


The first thing to consider is your skin, which tends to display health issues in the form of rashes, acne, dryness, or inflammation. If you are seeing an uptick in flare-ups – especially in sensitive areas on the cheeks and around the eyes – it could be a sign of omega-3 deficiency.


Changes in hair texture and quality are also something to keep an eye on. If your hair is thinning or drying out more quickly than usual, this could mean that you need more omega-3s in your diet.


Joint pain, stiffness, headaches, and low mood are other indicators of a lack of omega-3s. In a world where very few people hit their daily requirements for these nutrients, it’s likely that you could use a boost from healthy foods or supplementation.

Specific Health Conditions


Many people return from doctors’ appointments to discover that they have a condition that requires an omega-3 boost to address.


The medical community has become more aware of this compound in recent years, so you or a loved one might be in this position.


Heart health is a key concern in these times, and omega-3 has been shown to help with the cardiovascular system. Around 1g of EPA plus DHA per day is the recommended intake.


Other studies have found that supplementing EPA and DHA may help people with supporting brain health and function even through older age. 


Of course, these serious conditions require insight and guidance from real medical professionals, and omega-3 is never an overall fix. However, it can’t hurt to include these compounds, as long as they’re taken in the proper dosage.

Adequate Intake for Adults


So you’re committed to boosting your omega-3s but not sure where to start? Let’s see what the experts have to say about the daily recommended amount for adults.


While there is no unanimous conclusion about the right amount of omega-3s to take each day, you can rest assured that anywhere between 1 and 2 grams of DHA plus EPA will do the job. Keep in mind, like anything else, taking too much can cause an imbalance and end up being counterproductive. 


For kids and young folks, 500mg daily is likely enough, while women during pregnancy might need a bit extra to keep the good nutrients flowing (closer to 2 grams daily).


With that said, consistency is key when taking any type of supplement or making a dietary change. It’s way better to stick with a daily regimen over the long haul rather than overloading one day per week and skipping the rest.


Whether you’re up and down a few milligrams each day is not as important – maintain an even intake each day at a consistent pace and you’ll be golden.

Natural Sources vs. Supplements


Here’s the big question everyone wants answered: what’s the best way to get your omega-3s and is there a major difference in nutrient quality between food and supplementation?


The short answer is simple. Any way you can assure a daily flow of omega-3s, do it! Whether that’s from fresh seafood like salmon or sardines, or plant sources like flax, it’s all good.


Other great food sources of omega-3s include chia seeds, walnuts, edamame, and legumes. If you need a quick, healthy snack when you’re on the run, you can’t go wrong with nuts and seeds.


Of course, the benefits of supplements are convenience and consistency, which shouldn’t be taken for granted.


Not everyone has the opportunity to eat a perfect diet each day with everything going in their lives. If you want to make sure you hit your daily numbers of omega-3s and never fall short, it’s smart to keep supplements on hand.


When browsing supplements, a solid fish oil capsule should do the trick, although krill oil has grown in popularity as a more comprehensive omega-3 supplement. Read those labels and make sure you’re getting a clean, quality source of fatty acids.


If you can stomach the oil on its own, kudos to you! Most people, however, will want to stick with the gel caps to avoid unwanted smells and taste.

Too Much Omega-3s?


Yes, there’s such a thing as taking too much omega-3, so make sure you don’t go over your daily limits. When omega-3 levels are too high, you might get adverse reactions like stomach discomfort or irritation. It also might act as a blood thinner or reduce your immune response. In addition, it can increase risk in prostate cancer, cause Vitamin A toxicity and even insomnia. 


The best way to ensure you don’t go overboard with omega-3 is to take a reliable, predictable supplement that is perfectly dosed for your age and metabolism. Products like ASYSTEM’s Superhuman Supplements can do just this, making certain that your intake is measured, balanced and easily maintainable. 


Ideally, omega-3s will be ratioed 3:1 DHA to EPA. Omega-3 fatty acid supplements can be safely consumed at doses up to 5,000 mg daily. In general, if you experience any negative symptoms, simply decrease your intake to ensure your supplements have a proper balance so that you get all the benefits with none of the downsides.

Combining Compounds


Like with any nutrient or compound, omega-3s are just one piece of a much bigger puzzle.


That’s why you should never view omega-3s as a fix-all or a magic bullet – it’s important to get a full spectrum of quality vitamins, minerals, and other herbal boosters that help your body and mind on every level.


ASYSTEM’s Superhuman Supplements system comes in a convenient 5-capsule pack that you take at the same time every day, giving you everything you need to maintain strength, clarity, immunity, and more.


On top of 1200mg of perfectly balanced omega-3s, this pack is loaded with all your essential vitamins and minerals, plus focus-enhancing herbs that offer powerful nootropic effects.


The vasodilator S7 delivers oxygen and fuel to your muscles, while Coenzyme Q10 acts as an antioxidant to protect and power your body on a cellular level.


If you’ve been juggling dozens of supplements and still feel lost in the dark, this is the one-and-done product you’ve been looking for all along.



Now that we know the truth about omega-3s and the important role they play, it’s time to make them a daily part of your regimen. However, just as vital is monitoring your intake as to not cause an imbalance in your body leading to adverse reactions. 


Healthy organic food is a great way to ensure you hit your daily averages, but a comprehensive supplement takes all the guesswork out of the equation.


Make a commitment to your total health by putting your omega-3 requirements on autopilot from now on.


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