The Betterment Project

ASYSTEM x EvryMan #2

Wednesday, 26th February.

6.30pm @ ASYSTEM Beach House, LA.


After the success of last month's event, the EvryMan team returns to the Beach House for a second installment. 


Join co-Founder of EvryMan, Dan Doty, and a small team of highly trained men who will help participants slow down and get in touch with what they feel and what they truly want. Through safe yet challenging exercises, men will be pushed to access and express parts of themselves that go far beyond the cultural norm for men's conversations.


The intentions of the evening are:
- To give men permission to be all of themselves
- To show men how close at hand connection can be
- To give men some practical and usable skills for the day-to-day


RSVP by emailing before Monday 24th February. 


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