The Betterment Project

ASYSTEM x Ten Thousand Present: The LA Sweat Crawl

Saturday, February 15th.

From 11.00 am - 1.30 pm.


What's a Sweat Crawl, you ask? This is an opportunity for members of the Los Angeles fitness community to connect and experience three distinct workouts: a Crossfit-style workout at Crossfit Paradiso Venice, a two mile run through the streets of LA, and a high intensity, body weight conditioning workout on Venice Beach hosted by trainer Brett Beck.


Pay your dues in sweat and you'll be rewarded with a post-workout recovery-focused afterparty at the ASYSTEM Beach House, as well as some surprises from our co-sponsors. There will be ample time to mingle and network with your fellow athletes.


And - of course - you'll be outfitted in the finest threads from TEN THOUSAND, maker of the world's best training short.


This weekend's event is hosted by TEN THOUSAND and ASYSTEM. Co-sponsors include: Vital Proteins and Dave's Serious Bars.


Schedule of Events

11am - Arrive at CROSSFIT PARADISO, pick up and change into your new workout gear, warm up and mingle with fellow Sweat Crawl participants.

11:15am - Crossfit workout at CROSSFIT PARADISO .

12:15pm - Two mile run from CROSSFIT PARADISO to VENICE BEACH

12:30pm - HIIT and cardio-intensive beach bootcamp led by Brett Beck.

1:30pm - Cool down, fuel up, and mingle at the ASYSTEM Beach House with samples from ASYSTEM and goodies from our co-sponsors.


To attend sign up here




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