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Calming Herbs: 7 Best Herbs To Keep You Grounded

Prescriptions can be an overwhelming concept for people who deal with feeling anxious frequently. Prescriptions can have unwanted side effects, and for some people, a more natural approach is preferred. 

Of course, it’s always important to discuss any course of treatment with your doctor before you take steps to reduce or stop treatment, and it’s also important to discuss any herbs you plan to use as an herbal supplement. Some medications do not interact well with some herbs, and some herbs can have side effects to consider.

Before you ask your doctor, though, you might want to know some of the best calming herbs to consider to help keep you grounded. 

What Are The Best Calming Herbs? 

Herbal remedies have ancient roots, and among the herbs used for centuries, some are known for their calming properties above other herbs and extracts. Here are some of the herbal superstars and ones that you should look for on the label if you’re considering a calming supplement.

1 - Chamomile 

If there were a reigning champion of the calming herbs, chamomile would probably hold the title. Now, whether it’s actually better than the other herbs is a debate for researchers, but it’s certainly the most famous.

But that fame had to come from somewhere, right? Chamomile is a flowering herb that looks similar to a daisy. Roman chamomile and German chamomile are the two types of chamomile most commonly used as calming herbs. 

A 2016 study found that symptoms associated with anxiousness were less severe for people who consistently consumed chamomile. As an ingredient in the Complete Calm System, you take the sleep gummies once per day before bed to promote good, quality sleep. Consistent use is recommended for the best results.

2 - Lemon Balm 

Lemon balm dates back to the Middle Ages. Even then, it was used to promote sleep, ease tension, settle digestive discomfort, and improve appetite. This calming herb is part of the mint family, and it is perennial, which means it can typically live for more than two years. 

As the name suggests, Lemon balm has a lemon scent to its leaves, and this citrus scent also shows up in the flavors it produces, mainly when it is made into an herbal tea. As a member of the mint family, the mint taste comes through as well. 

3 - Passionflower 

Passionflower is a perennial vine, and it has been traditionally used as a calming herb. However, it has also been used topically to treat boils, wounds, and earaches. 

Passionflower was used in Europe and by Native Americans. Its primary use is to soothe agitation and calm people when they feel anxious. Passionflower is also used to flavor beverages and give them its earthy flavor. 

It’s traditionally served as a tea, but it can now be found in calming supplements like Complete Calm System to provide the same soothing effect as herbal tea.

4 - Holy Basil 

Holy basil, also known as tulsi, has a peppery taste. It is used commonly in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine system. This is because it is thought to allow the body to maintain balance even amid stress. 

When you’re looking for a calming herb, you want an herb that can help you even when you’re stressed, especially when you’re stressed. It is for this reason that some people turn to Holy Basil as a calming herb. 

5 - Rhodiola 

Rhodiola is still being researched. This herb is found in cold and mountainous regions in Europe and Asia. It is often referred to as “arctic root,” and within its roots, among the 140 active ingredients found there, it contains potent amounts of rosavin and salidroside. 

For centuries, the people of Russia and Scandinavian countries have used the adaptogens of the Rhodiola’s roots to help soothe tension, reduce mental fatigue, and improve a person’s general sense of well-being.

This calming root has a bitter taste with a subtle sweetness. It is typically taken by capsule or inside a supplement these days.

6 - Saffron 

One of the star ingredients in the Complete Calm System, extract of Persian saffron, has shown promising results in several clinical studies for its ability to support emotional health, soothe anxious feelings, and ease stress-related tension. It can also help promote better sleep.

Saffron’s harvesting process is labor-intensive, and this costly production makes it the most expensive spice in the world. It can take so many blossoms to make just a pound of saffron, and this causes the spice price to range from $500 to $10,000 for a single pound of this spice. Thankfully, it’s nice to know that a little goes a long way with prices like that.

Saffron’s history can be traced back to Greece, where it originated. It is thought to have many medicinal benefits. As a calming herb, it may help elevate mood and support emotional health.

Saffron has a savory flavor, and it is traditionally used for its subtle taste and aromatic qualities in dishes like rice. Allowing it to steep in hot water can draw the flavors out, but it’s also available in supplement form.

7 - Ginseng 

Also known as Panax Ginseng because it comes from the roots of plants in the genus, Panax is like other herbs in this list because it has an ancient history, and it has many claims for its role in healing and health support. Ginseng can be found in Korea, South China, and America. 

Ginseng is part of traditional Chinese medicine. This root is believed to have many medicinal uses. Asian ginseng is believed to have an invigorating effect on the body. However, its Western cousin, American ginseng, is thought to have a more relaxing effect on the body.

Ginseng is thought to help boost cognitive functions that improve memory and elevate mood.

Ginseng can be eaten raw, steeped as a tea, and as a supplement in the form of a capsule, oil, or powder. 

Where Can You Find All These Herbs? 

All of the best calming herbs can be taken as a supplement. However, taking seven supplements every day doesn’t sound like much fun, but choosing only one or two may have you missing out. 

In ASYSTEM’s Complete Calm System, you can find all seven of the best calming herbs in a delicious gummy. The Complete Calm System has a de-stress gummy for the day, and it has a sleep gummy for bedtime. Each gummy is easy to add to your routine, so you know you’re getting all of the best calming herbs. 


Staying grounded in the world today takes a concerted effort. To be sure that your life stays well-balanced, you must prioritize sleep, healthy eating, hydration, regular exercise, and your overall health. 

To achieve balance, you may find that you need a little support. Like people from centuries ago, you may want to turn to natural herbs to keep you calm and grounded.

Rather than foraging in the woods for herbs, we have the luxury of easily incorporating them into our daily lives with teas and herbal supplements. Be sure to check with your doctor before adding any new supplement or regular use of a new herb to make sure it’s right for you.


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