The Betterment Project

Betterment Project Vol. 01


The Betterment Project Volume 01 is a limited edition, coffee-table book featuring insights from 48 inspirational men.


The goal of The Betterment Project is to spark conversations about how to feel better and be better. To kick things off, we spoke to some of the most interesting and extraordinary men we know. 


Interviewees include professional athletes and the founders of restaurant, wellness and fitness empires. One of fashion’s most legendary photographers and the scion of America’s foremost family of wine. Today’s most relevant creatives and entrepreneurs who’ve tapped into the zeitgeist.


What do they have in common? They’ve all overcome challenges to rise to the top of their fields while striving to benefit the people that surround them every day.


We asked each guy five simple questions about making life better, both for themselves and for the people they love. Here’s what worked for them. You can decide if it works for you too.


Click here to read insights from our participants.



  • Landscape photography shot by the renowned photographer Bjorn Iooss.
  • Limited to 1,000 copies.
  • Available complimentary to Founding Members with first purchase.
  • Available to non-Founding Members for $45, whilst stocks last. To purchase please contact


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