The Betterment Project

Jonny Drummond

Musician | @jonnygoood


Why Him

He's a former police officer who made the leap to professional bassist—and has since played alongside Lady Gaga, The Weeknd and Wiz Khalifa. His latest project: pioneering a new musical genre, Bass Hop.


Where does your drive come from?

I grew up in Pittsburgh. My father was a city police officer and my mom was a banker. Although they were busy, they always made time for us, whether it was my mom coming to my football games before her shift, or my dad rushing to catch my sisters’ recitals while still in his uniform. I saw my parents’ drive—to be the greatest they could be in less fortunate circumstances—and I get my drive from them.


What daily habits keep you going?

I wake up, meditate and then head straight to the kitchen—I absolutely love coffee. It reminds me of when I was a police officer. It kept me awake during my night shifts. Brewing that one cup of coffee reminds me every morning that I am a man of service with a higher purpose. Whether it’s in music or policing a community, my goal is to help in any positive way I can.

The best memories often result from going off the grid or off schedule. Describe one.

When I was slapping the bass for Wiz Khalifa, I was hungry for more. I felt like I needed to leave my job to unlock my true potential as a musician. I lost my income and, eventually, was evicted from my apartment and my car was repossessed. That was one of the lowest times in my life.

But I recognized that this low moment was a launching pad— an opportunity to rebuild myself. I embraced the feelings of isolation. I tapped into my idea for Bass Hop. I recorded an album. I landed back on my feet with Lady Gaga and eventually onto stages I never thought I would see.

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