The Betterment Project

Carlo Mondavi

Winemaker | @carlomondavi


Why Him

A fourth-generation vintner, he’s carrying on the Mondavi legacy at Continuum Estate, launched in Napa Valley with his family in 2005, and RAEN Winery, founded on the Sonoma Coast with his brother in 2013.


Where does your drive come from?

When I was 22, I had a glass of wine with my grandfather that changed my life. We were at a friend’s winery in Burgundy, and after walking the vineyards, talking and tasting, I began to truly understand the connection between the rain, the earth and

the sun—and how incredible it could be when they’re brought together properly in wine.


What daily habits keep you going?

I eat and drink organic, biodynamic and regeneratively farmed goods as much as humanly possible. It has nothing to do with being posh—I’m a farmer and know that some of the garbage the chemical industry pawns off is actually really fucked up.


What simple change to your routine has had a profound effect on those around you?

I always used to say yes to everything. My schedule was way too packed and I ended up doing a half-ass job on things. My father always told me to slow down, and I think I am starting to understand what he meant.

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