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How Exercise Helps To Increase Your Sex Drive & Libido

If you are dealing with a low sex drive, also known as low libido, you’re not alone — and there are solutions. 


Read on as we dive into low libido, what causes it, and how you can find relief. Plus, we’ll talk about how ASYSTEM can help.


What Can Cause Low Sex Drive?

Various factors can influence your sex drive. Here are some of the most common. 


Hormone Fluctuations

Hormone fluctuations can occur at different times during the day or week, but low hormone levels specifically become a more significant factor as we get older. With age, our main hormones, estrogen and testosterone, can start to decline. 

A decrease in these hormones often translates to a natural decrease in libido


Mood Disorders

When stress compounds into mood disorders like depression and anxiety, it can reduce your desire to experience the pleasures in life — including sex. 

Often, when we reach this level of emotional and physical distress, we get stuck in either the past or the future. When we are out of the present moment, we may forget about our basic human needs that need to be satisfied.  



Some medications can cause low libido as a side effect. If you feel like this is potentially happening to you, check with your doctor and express your concerns.


Relationship Issues

Life can be challenging at times with the people in our lives. We could be in a stressful dynamic with someone in our family, getting ourselves wrapped up emotionally and allowing the issue to be all-consuming. Or maybe you are having issues with your romantic partner, and you feel disconnected from them, which puts intimacy as a low priority. 

Regardless of where the stress is coming from, it can help to find an outlet that allows you to work through those emotions to maintain closeness with your loved one. 

If the stress is connected to your partner, try to determine what you feel and how to communicate it. Holding it in will only make things more difficult in the end. 

It may not be the most comfortable conversation, but we imagine it will liberate you from feeling disconnected and could be the spark that you need to increase your sex drive. 


Lack of Exercise 

If we do not get our bodies moving, get our heart rates up, and sweat, it can lead to stagnant energy in the body. 

Getting regular physical activity also supports your overall health and wellbeing, which in turn can support healthy hormone levels and a healthy sex drive.


How Does Exercise Affect Men and Women? 

Physical and mental health and muscle mass have a relationship with hormones, such as testosterone. If a man or woman has low testosterone, certain exercises may help enhance this hormone in the body. 

Fun fact - more muscle may equal higher levels of testosterone.


What Types of Exercise Can I Try?

We want to highlight some of the important exercises to increase muscle mass and testosterone. Not all exercises are created equal when it comes to improving these hormone levels in the body. 


Weightlifting is the ideal form of exercise since it will provide the best opportunity to increase muscle mass. This increase in mass then communicates to the body that it needs more testosterone. If you happen to be new to lifting weights, it may be best to engage a trainer in the beginning while you are learning the dos and don’ts. 


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) takes cardio to another level, as it encompasses a high volume workout in less time, hence the name high-intensity. Primarily based on aerobic exercises, the entire workout can be completed within just 12 minutes. If increasing testosterone is your goal, studies show the benefits of rest for one to two minutes in between your circuits. 

Cycling or long-distance running are two high endurance routines that can actually break down muscle tissue. These types of exercises can lead to an increase in cortisol levels, which means the body will be producing less testosterone. If your goal is to increase testosterone levels but you have been focusing on this kind of movement, you may want to rethink your exercise routine. 


What Are Some Other Options To Boost Sex Drive? 

Exercise can be an immense help when it comes to libido, but there are also other ways to support your sex drive. 


Communicate With Your Partner

Communication could either sound too easy or maybe even scary. 

If you are thinking, what good would it do to talk to your partner about your lack of desire in the bedroom? Then this might be for you. 

Being intimate with someone is one of the most vulnerable experiences we can have. If you are unable to talk about your desires and fantasies with your partner, that means you are holding back a piece of yourself in the relationship. 

Or maybe reading this makes your heart race. It can feel scary to express our deepest wants if we are not used to doing so or if we feel like they will not be received well by our partners. Still, if we hold our feelings in, we are not being our true selves. 


Spice it Up in the Bedroom 

Maybe you and your partner have talked about introducing new ideas into your sex life to liven things up, even if you surprise them in the moment to see if they are open to exploring with you. 

Sometimes we get used to the same routine in life, and that also goes for our sex lives! Trying and experiencing new things may be just what you both need! 


Libido Gummies 

When you need a little extra support for your sex drive, ASYSTEM can help. 

At ASYSTEM, our clinically proven libido gummy was produced with well-known sexual wellness pioneers, maude. This product’s focus is to increase sexual arousal and stimulation while balancing hormones like estrogens. We recommend taking one gummy a day to increase arousal and get the full benefits. 

Our key ingredients are S7®, Fenugreek Extract, French Maritime Pine Bark Extract, maude x ASYSTEM Libido Complex, Boron Citrate, and an Ocean Mineral Blend:

  • S7® has been clinically proven to increase nitric oxide by 230%, meaning it’s vital to our sexual arousal and genital relaxation. 
  • Fenugreek Extract is only found in our women’s gummy. It plays a role in the production of sex hormones and reduces libido issues commonly found in women, like vaginal dryness. 
  • French Maritime Pine Bark Extract is clinically proven to boost a female’s physical arousal. When combined with some of these other ingredients, it has been shown that it is easier for blood flow to enter the genital area. 
  • maude x ASYSTEM Libido Complex is a proprietary blend to increase blood flow and boost a woman’s spontaneous response when sexually aroused. 
  • Boron Citrate supports the body in increasing two key hormones that enhance sex drive, testosterone, and estradiol. 
  • Ocean Mineral Blend is noteworthy as it has all 102 minerals a human needs for the body.  


For our Male Libido Gummies, S7®, maude x ASYSTEM Libido Complex and Ocean Mineral Blend work together. This gummy also includes Tribulus Terrestris, Pine Pollen, Zinc Citrate, and Magnesium Citrate, which are not included in the Female Libido version: 


  • Tribulus Terrestris has been proven with studies to improve libido and treat erectile dysfunction in men. 
  • Pine Pollen is packed with nutrients that are key to sex hormone production and works wonders for aging men. 
  • Zinc Citrate is used in over 100 chemical processes in a man’s body. When a man has low levels of zinc, it can decrease their sexual health and fertility. 
  • Magnesium Citrate is important for sex drive and can aid the body in producing more testosterone.  


    Issues regarding libido can impact men and women alike, and when low sex drive strikes, exercise may be the key to a healthy sex life. Exercise works to support your wellness overall, and in turn may help balance hormones, provide mood support, and regulate your sex drive.


    At ASYSTEM, our Male and Female Libido Gummies can help you take things one step further when it comes to supporting your sex drive. 


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